How to Use VLC Media Player

How to Use VLC Media Player

A lot of desktop and laptop users have upgraded to Windows 10 for free. Almost all apps and software installed in the computer prior to the upgrade are there. VLC works flawlessly with Windows 10. But the thing is, the upgrade changes the default media players out of VLC to another Windows app.

A lot of us want to change back into VLC to make it the default media player. It is really great especially for videos. If you would like to do it then we could simply set it as the default video and music player app. The option available in the primary Settings > System > Default programs gives us the ability to change it . You do not have to do it on an extension by extension basis while the alternative remains there. We could make it work for all video and audio files at the same time. Windows will set back the institution to VLC for recognized video and sound files.

Here are the detailed Actions to make VLC the default media (video as well as sound ) player:

The choices are stored immediately after the settings are changed. Next time you start movie files, VLC will be the app to open it. You will also find the famous traffic cone icon in the thumbnails of these media files.

Choosing Default Apps from File Form

If you would like to assign a few video file types like .mp4 to open with VLC and other file types to open with all the default media player then we utilize the option Pick default apps by file type. It is offered in the exact same place Settings > System > Default apps, close to the base of the webpage.

Once you click on it, different established extensions will be recorded. Scroll through the list and once you find the desired extension like .3gp or .mp4 click on the default app. Choose VLC media player from the choices listed. The modifications will be saved immediately.

Altering the Default Program Whilst Opening a File

There’s one more option that gives you the capability to alter the default app to VLC without seeing the settings section. The option is right there when you open a media file.The media file will open and from now on that extension or file type will be connected with VLC media player. In this case, we chose an MP4 file but it can be done for any type of media file.

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